Made in USA – High Sierra Showerheads

The no-clog, all metal shower head.

Due to hard water, my eight-year old shower head was clogged and no longer performing efficiently. It also couldn’t be taken apart and cleaned, which meant I needed to purchase a new one.

After a quick trip to the big box store to confirm all the shower heads on display weren’t made in the USA, I found High Sierra Showerheads online.

Made in the U.S. of solid, all metal parts, these shower heads are guaranteed to not clog – even if you have hard water! They also feature the patented Full Coverage Spray Technology and use 40% less water.


I purchased the company’s Classic PLUS™ in Chrome shower head, which is constructed of all metal parts and no plastic.

Photo © High Sierra Showerheads

I’ve been using the shower head since 2018. The Full Coverage Spray Technology is a fancy way of saying the spray pulsates and yes, it does feel like large rain drops. It was also very easy to install. I like it and highly recommend it.


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Linda Lecomte, REALTOR®

Thanks! Sharing on my Facebook real estate page.

Love your support of Made in the USA!


Dianna Huff

Thank you, Linda! And for the support.