mole-hollow thank you card
Thank you card from Mole Hollow, manufacturers of candles using traditional methods.
Photo © Dianna Huff

Here you’ll find answers to questions I’ve heard over the years about the Made-in-USA products I purchase and use.

“Are you paid to endorse products?”

No! Every product I write about I’ve purchased and used. If I purchase something and don’t like it, I don’t write about it.

“Do companies send you products to test?”

No again. If a company did offer, I would decline. I like finding my own treasures.

“USA products cost more. How do you afford it?”

That’s a good question and very easy to answer. I learned early on that buying USA-made products immediately put a stop to “retail therapy.” Stores such as Target or TJ Maxx carry few Made-in-USA products.

In order to buy USA, I had to plan in advance and do lots of research first.

I do sometimes have to make a choice based on budget. For example, I have two USA machine-made rugs. In my bedroom, however, I have a lovely wool rug handcrafted in India. A comparable USA-made rug would have been triple the cost (the made-in-India one was already pricey).

I buy my rugs from a small, family-owned shop near where I live. The owner works with specific vendors in the US and India and can vouch for how all the lines he carries are made.

Although some things do cost more, overall, I’ve spent less money. An added benefit is my house is also full of things I love rather than a lot of junk and clutter.

“How can I get started on buying Made-in-USA?”

Simply read the labels on everything before you buy.

“What if the item I need isn’t made in the USA?”

You have to make choices. For example, many electronic items are no longer made state-side. That’s a simple fact. I use a MacBook and iPhone. I have a Visio TV.

I do have some things that were made in Canada, Mexico, or Europe.

I’ve also had good luck finding vintage items on eBay — such as a 1960s made-in-USA bathroom scale. Still works and looks great, too!

“Why are you doing this — focusing on Made-in-USA products?”

For several reasons. I want to bring jobs back to the US. I want to support American manufacturing, which provides stable jobs and decent wages to workers. It’s also my way of giving back to the United States and my own community.