mid-century-kitchen-Senator John Heinz History Center
Mid-century kitchen at the Senator John Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, PA.
Photo © Dianna Huff

I’m Dianna Huff.

I love mid-century modern, eating good food, and reading romance novels. I don’t do that well with selfies.

I have an untidy yard that’s a way-stop for a roving band of wild turkeys — mostly due to the bird feeders, as I’m avid back-yard birder. Some days, I can look out and see 30 or more of them.

Although they tear up my yard something fierce, the turkeys and I co-exist. I’ve come to love their calls, coos and gobbles as they peck away at the fallen seed.

I used to own a Wedgewood gas stove — the Chevy Bel-Air of stoves — similar to the one pictured above and used it until I moved into my current home, a 1960 mid-century ranch with oil heat, not gas.

I’ve spent the last 12 years slowly renovating my house. Since 2014, I’ve made a real effort to buy Made-in-USA as much as possible — everything from tools and materials (such as paint) to windows and baseboard heaters.

I’ve finally replaced all the essential infrastructure, and now I’m doing the fun stuff: refinishing floors and buying furnishings.

In my other life, I run a boutique, full-service marketing agency that caters to small, family-owned industrial manufacturers.

I’m very excited about this blog. Who knows. Maybe I’ll make it to HGTV. At the very least, I’d be very happy if you stay a while and share your own Made-in-USA story.

You can contact me directly at dianna at diannahuff.com.